Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I finally got to go back home for the first time since Christmas.  I had a wedding in Charleston so my parents came down for weekend and I saw a bunch of my old friends. I do have to say there’s no place like home!

However, the trip to get there was pretty miserable and I ended up having a cancelled flight and drove from Atlanta to Charleston through the night with 4 strangers! Fortunately they were all pretty normal…………


Somehow I didn’t manage to take many pictures while I was at home. I have none with my parents and very few of friends so this is all I got.


Dinner with a few of the girls…. and Netto.(but he’s taking the picture)


We’ve met some other travelers since we’ve been in San Diego and they are all really sweet girls and fun to hang out with. Two are from Tennessee and one is from Virginia. So in honor of the South we decided to have a girls night out at this country line dancing bar called InCahoots!


We tried really hard but decided we need to take lessons before we go back.