Monday, March 14, 2011

Road Trip

Amy, Meleah, and I went to Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago. We decided to try and drive a scenic route and this is what we saw….


One of the worlds largest Chloride Salt Canals!  It looked like we were driving up on fields of snow, but obviously it wasn’t considering it was 75 degrees

We also drove through Amboy which is the town the movie Cars was based after. You know -Radiator Spring! Its in the middle of nowhere and has a population of 8 in the whole town.

And lastly we drove through a large part of the Mojave Desert.


It was a really pretty drive. Not what we were expecting though. We thought we would go through small towns and see little mom and pop stores… We keep forgetting we are in the desert I guess. Instead we saw about 10 cars and lots of open space. We had a lot of fun though and I think we only got lost twice! A big accomplishment for us.

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