Thursday, May 5, 2011

San Diego

We began our new assignment in San Diego about 2 weeks ago.  We are spending our first month living at mission beach in a beach house.  We absolutely love it. You can see the ocean from our porch.  Meleah, the friend we made in Palm Springs has joined Amy and me for this assignment.  We also met two other travelers from Nashville. We are having a blast so far. We feel like we are constantly on vacation.  The hospital is nice as well. We all work together so that makes starting on a new floor a little bit easier. Our house came with beach cruisers so on our days off we sometimes go on rides down the boardwalk.


We also have a closet full of board games and puzzles……


It is not nearly as warm here as we were thinking it would be, but as long as the sun is out, the weather is pretty perfect. It can be 68 degrees but if its sunny, its warm enough to lay out at the beach.  However, the water is freezing. Amy and me bought wetsuits so we can go swimming and are trying to learn to surf now!


Hanging out on our porch one sunny afternoon…


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