Friday, August 5, 2011

We finally ran into our next door neighbor after living beside each other for about a month.  Our balconies are side by side so its hard to believe it took us so long to meet each other. He was very neighborly and immediately offered to show us around and take us out.


He told us that he wrote poetry…….and its actually pretty good. This is a little poem he wrote for us.


They travel the States with their gritty little style

Never to surrender their awesome Smiles

They attend to their patients with their special little charm

All the while maintaining the smiles of a new born

They can touch your life in so many ways

Turning dark filled times into bright sunny days.

They travel the roads to see the world

Always with the love of a proud father baby girl.

They probably found love at a difficult price

Never asking but always willing and first to sacrifice.

They can capture your attention with a subtle glare

You’ll have to excuse me ladies, you’d make a blind man stare.

So I say to young ladies to whom I’ve just met

I thank you for your special kindness

Because of this I shall never forget.

Vencie Glenn

If you recognize the name its because he used to play in the NFL.. Kinda cool

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