Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brookes and Peggy

As usual, its always exciting to have visitors, but I was so excited when Brooke told me she was coming out to visit. I’ve been trying to convince her to start travel nursing ever since I began. Considering how awesome San Diego is, I figured this trip would be a good opportunity. There is so much to do so I really had to brainstorm to figure out what would be the plan. I created a powerpoint slideshow so she could mentally prepare. If I knew enough about this blogging thing I would include it, but i can’t quite figure it out. Anway Here is a lot of what we did.



One of the days we went on a whale watching cruise. We actually saw 6 whale surfacings –very cool. There were hundreds of dolphins as well which were absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad I went, but would NEVER go again. After we got far enough out to sea, the boat just idled and I tell you what; talk about swaying…..I have never been so seasick in my life!

Sunset Cliffs

Torrey Pines State Park is only about 30 min north of San Diego and is well known for some of its beautiful hiking trails.  We spent one afternoon hiking along the cliffs of the park that overlook the ocean…soooo pretty

La Jolla

Dinner Dates

of course we know how much we like to eat!


I feel like Coronado is a must see if you are in San Diego for more than a couple days. I love how peaceful and charming this little island is. Everything is just slower and more relaxed – I love it

And pretty much every night, we enjoyed a sunset somewhere!

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