Monday, April 25, 2011

Mom & Dad

My Mom and Dad came out to visit a couple weeks ago and I was really excited to see them and show them what I’ve been doing.  It was hard to squeeze in everything in a few days, but we managed do most everything. We spent the first day in LA at the farmers market and just driving around. The next day we spent in Palm Springs. I took them to a hike called the Bump N Grind that overlooks the city.

The next night we went on the Palm Spring Tramway. It takes you on an aerial view ride up to a mountain peak which looks over Palm Springs and the surrounding areas.

We spent the next two days in San Diego looking for a place for me to live. We spent the night downtown where we went to dinner at a restaurant on the harbor and took a nice walk through the gaslamp district. We saw this dog outside the restaurant.


The guy said the glasses keep bugs out his eyes.

The next morning we woke up and spent the day at the zoo. 

Our last night we went to see the Fabulous Follies.  Its a famous show of singing and dancing 50-80 year olds.  It was a great show to end the trip.  Love you Mom and Dad

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  1. I love the picture of the dog with the glasses. So funny!!!
    As you know, your mom and dad had a wonderful time. They can't wait to come visit you again. They are so proud of you and rightly so. Bless you sweet girl.

    Aunt Lorie